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NLS Insurance is a company that was founded on the 4 core values of Honesty, Education, Integrity & Service. Our founder, Bill Rohac, saw that most financial services companies seemed to be transaction-based rather than solution-based. His goal is to make sure that individuals own the product that best suits their goals and needs. He prides himself on educating his clients and walking alongside them every step of the way. This client-first mindset is one of the reasons he is the preferred provider for several first responder groups. Although this solution-based platform works especially well for public sector employees/pensioners, medical professionals, and businesses, it also works well for all professions and families. At NLS Insurance, we believe in doing what is best for our clients.

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Bill Rohac is the founder of NLS Insurance. He has had much success while wearing many hats in his life. He served in the US Army from 1988-1992, serving as an Airborne Ranger with A Co. 2/75th Ranger Battalion and is a combat veteran. After leaving the military, Bill was hired as a Police Officer with LVMPD. In 1998, after four years of serving the Las Vegas community, he had a severe on-the-job back injury that led to his retirement from the police department. Over the next seven years, Bill worked as a manager in the insurance and banking industry. (He had providentially obtained his insurance and securities licenses in 1995.)  Then in 2004, he was appointed as the CEO of an international, privately held investment company based in Geneva, Switzerland. Bill’s international experience allowed him the opportunity to consult and advise several significant companies in Eastern Europe and Africa.  After leaving the company in 2007, Bill continued to work as an independent consultant in international business. However, his true passion is serving clients and their families, especially first responders. This is the reason he founded NLS Insurance in 2012.

- Bill Rohac

Founder & Principal Broker

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