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Welcome to NLS Insurance, a Life Insurance Brokerage in Las Vegas!

Updated: May 22

Building NLS Insurance Brokerage

NLS Insurance was founded in 2012. Our goal was to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and organizations. Our clients are our number one priority. We believe in doing what is best for them based on their individual goals and dreams, not a "one-size-fits-all" approach to insurance and financial services.

When Sondra and I were newly married (in our early 20s) and in need of life insurance, we weren't given any choices, we were told about a single option, take it or leave it. So, of course, we took it. It wasn't until several years later when we educated ourselves and became licensed in insurance that we were able to make the best decision for our family.

Building Trust

NLS Insurance Brokerage was founded on these four core principles--Honesty, Integrity, Education, and Service. We think that the client, when given knowledge and education, will choose the best option that works best for their individual situation. That is why we made a commitment over 13 years ago to start our own life insurance brokerage. This enables us to work with multiple insurance carriers and find the best products for our clientele. By providing knowledge and education to our clients, YOU make the ultimate decision. In addition, we have established an extensive network of reputable financial and legal professionals that we work alongside so that all our client's needs can be met in a manner that they desire and deserve.

Building Relationships

You may have questions about your current situation. You may want to sit down and have a talk about your long-term goals and dreams for the future and how we can help you achieve them. You may want information about life insurance, disability insurance, long term care, private pensions or annuities. If so, reach out and schedule time with us. You can schedule an appointment directly on our website, by calling us at (702) 432-5551 or sending an email to

Also, come back to our website where we will be posting information and education on a regular basis. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Our ultimate desire is to have a long-lasting and productive relationship with you and your family.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We appreciate you!


Bill and Sondra Rohac

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